How to Build Courage in Teams

May 18, 2018

Leadership is not a place for the timid.

Leaders must summon their will to deal with a whole range of complexity and unknowns, and create workplaces that are motivating and safe for others, even in changing and turbulent times.

They must summon their will to take risks, and face things the average person shies away from.

Leadership requires Courage, in fact, it could even be described as Courage in Action.

We know that a lack of Courage can derail a leader’s success.

Courage is one of those big, bold words that gives rise to images of daring acts of bravery and nerves of steel, and of overcoming impossible odds.

But what about Courage in Teams?

When you Build Courage in your Team, you will see:

- Engagement
- Passion
- Motivation
- Commitment
- Accountability

In this extract from a recent Great Managers MasterClass, we’re going to explore the role Courage plays in your team's success and importantly, how you can get more of it!

To view the YouTube version, click here.



How to Say NO… 2 Techniques to be More Assertive

May 17, 2018

Many people have great difficulty saying NO to others.

Even people who are quite assertive, in some situations might find themselves saying yes to things that they really don't want to do!
Listen to this MasterClass for 2 techniques to be more confident saying NO.


How to be More Assertive - Assertion Messages

October 16, 2017

The goal of Assertion Messages is to change behaviour which is intruding on or upsetting you.

Learn these 3 key components of Assertion Messages and instantly become more Assertive as a leader.


Overcoming the Struggle of Perfectionism

July 26, 2017

Perfectionism can lead to physical and emotional stress, both personally AND organisationally.
If you want to move from the STRUGGLE of Perfectionism to STRIVING for excellence, here's how to disrupt your damaging thinking, language and behaviour patterns.


Leading in a VUCA World - How to keep your high-performing brain active, even under intense pressure

June 8, 2017

How would you like a breathing technique that allows you to stay in positive performance mode, with the 'clever' part of your brain working for you, even under intense pressure?


Learned Optimism - Upgrade your Thinking System with a Proven 5-Step Model

May 10, 2017

The ABCDE Model is a method for building Optimism by recognising and disputing pessimistic thoughts.  

This model is a proven method of upgrading your Thinking System and if you practise it, will not only make you a more inspiring leader but will significantly improve your personal life too!


Celebrating Success - The Winning Formula to Stop your Talent Drain

April 9, 2017

In our super busy world, it’s all too easy to focus on the next task at hand, rather than to stop and acknowledge what has been achieved. This MasterClass will give you a Winning Formula to avoid making that mistake!


Meet a Great Leader - Top CEO Shares her Fundamental Must-Do’s for Success

February 7, 2017

Great Managers founder, Sandra Wood, conducted an interview with top Australian CEO who reveals her fundamental MUST-DO's for every successful leader.

In this extract of the interview, Kim Anson shares these two invaluable tips.


Upgrade your Culture with Tribal Leadership

November 1, 2016
This is the second in our 3-part "Building a Great Place to Work" culture series.

In this MasterClass we are going to delve into the principles and “how to’s” of Tribal Leadership” and how to use them to upgrade your team culture. Everybody loves an upgrade, right?

A tribal leader is someone who:
  • is actively upgrading the culture in their tribe. 
  • knows that culture is what makes the different and figures out their tribe's current culture.
  • knows how to nudge their tribe from one stage to the next.
We all know that human beings naturally form tribes. What separates average tribes from those that excel, is their culture. Tribal culture exists in stages, going from “undermining” at the lower stages, to “egocentric” in the middle stages, to “history making” at the higher levels. Where is your “tribe” currently at? Let's find out!


How to Build a Great Place to Work: A 6-Step Culture Building System

October 5, 2016
Improving your culture can deliver huge benefits to your business:
• Financial – the better the culture and employee engagement the better the bottom line results
• You’re more likely to attract and retain talented staff
• Morale is higher – staff are more energetic & enthusiastic
• Responsiveness to change is better
• There is more co-operation and teamwork
• Productivity is higher
• Physical and emotional safety improves – there tends to be fewer workers compensation claims and less grievances
• Reduced staff turnover and absenteeism

Use this 6-Step Culture Building System in your business and be the envy of your competitors!