Upgrade your Culture with Tribal Leadership

November 1, 2016
This is the second in our 3-part "Building a Great Place to Work" culture series.

In this MasterClass we are going to delve into the principles and “how to’s” of Tribal Leadership” and how to use them to upgrade your team culture. Everybody loves an upgrade, right?

A tribal leader is someone who:
  • is actively upgrading the culture in their tribe. 
  • knows that culture is what makes the different and figures out their tribe's current culture.
  • knows how to nudge their tribe from one stage to the next.
We all know that human beings naturally form tribes. What separates average tribes from those that excel, is their culture. Tribal culture exists in stages, going from “undermining” at the lower stages, to “egocentric” in the middle stages, to “history making” at the higher levels. Where is your “tribe” currently at? Let's find out!


How to Build a Great Place to Work: A 6-Step Culture Building System

October 5, 2016
Improving your culture can deliver huge benefits to your business:
• Financial – the better the culture and employee engagement the better the bottom line results
• You’re more likely to attract and retain talented staff
• Morale is higher – staff are more energetic & enthusiastic
• Responsiveness to change is better
• There is more co-operation and teamwork
• Productivity is higher
• Physical and emotional safety improves – there tends to be fewer workers compensation claims and less grievances
• Reduced staff turnover and absenteeism

Use this 6-Step Culture Building System in your business and be the envy of your competitors!

Emotional Agility: Overpower Stress with 4 Simple Steps the Greatest Leaders Follow

September 1, 2016
Emotions play a big role in stress management. So, let's talk about the skill of emotional agility.

Emotional agility is about knowing yourself and developing a greater level of control over your feelings and reactions. With greater emotional agility, you can maximise your confidence. You can turn negative emotions into positive thoughts, and respond resourcefully in a way that you may not even know that you're capable of right now, but you are.

Emotional agility is one of the most valuable business skills you can possess, and you are capable of improving this skill quite quickly. It just takes a bit of practice. Here are 4 steps to improve your emotional agility...

6 Steps to Pain-Free Performance Conversations

July 19, 2016

Performance conversations aren’t easy. They are probably one of the most challenging parts of your role as a manager. Our third and final installment of the Painless Performance Conversations series is a 6 Step Performance Conversation Model to build your tool kit of skills and put them into action.


How to take your Performance Conversations to the Next Level

July 14, 2016
Part two in our Painless Performance Conversations series is about taking your conversation skills to the next level... 

Self-awareness is your key to growth. You need to know your style when it comes to performance conversations and be honest with yourself. There are 2 very common patterns when it comes to performance conversations… AVOIDANCE & CONTROL.

So are you an AVOIDER or a CONTROLLER?  Tune in and find out!

Painful Vs Painless Performance Conversations – What You Should Know

July 6, 2016
We all know that quality conversations about work performance lead to better results; however, far too often, things like our emotions or procrastination and getting tongue-tied or talking too much, all of these things get in the way of us having the type of skillful conversation that we really want to have. The fact is that managers need to be able to discuss performance issues and behavioral issues with confidence.

This MasterClass extract is about building your critical conversation toolkit so that you can confidently and painlessly discuss the difficult issues, even the really difficult issues. 

5 Ways to Build Appreciation in your Workplace

April 14, 2016
Communicating sincere appreciation and encouragement to your staff and colleagues is a powerful way to create a positive work environment. Appreciation can increase loyalty and engagement and that's the topic of our latest Great Managers MasterClass!

In this Masterclass Extract Sandra will share the 5 ways to build appreciation that can help you empower and encourage your staff in the way that works best for them.

How to Build a Growth Mindset

April 11, 2016

Learning about and building a Growth Mindset will increase your level of achievement, increase your self-esteem and confidence, improve your relationships and lower your risk of depression.

Would you like any of those things? I know I would! 

Well in this MasterClass Extract Sandra will:

  • Take you through the characteristics of the Growth Mindset and the Fixed Mindset
  • Take you through a process to build your Growth Mindset stronger and how to make the move away from a Fixed mindset
  • Give you some tips on how to build a Growth mindset in your team

How to Influence Upwards | Great Managers® MasterClass

January 10, 2016

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like you just can’t get through to your boss?

One of the key challenges facing many leaders today — at all levels — is how to influence people more senior than themselves, including their bosses and boards! Being able to get your point across and communicate persuasively with people in more senior positions is a critical workplace skill that you have to develop.

Apart from making your job easier, Influencing Upwards has many benefits such as better understanding, co-operation and team work, more productivity, problems better addressed, less frustration and stress, and of course, recognition, and potentially promotion.

The ability to influence colleagues effectively is key to your professional and personal success.

In this Great Managers® Masterclass Extract Sandra will share with you some of the skills and mindsets required!


Breaking Bad Habits 2 - Teams

November 8, 2015

In our previous MasterClass Extract we discussed how to Break Bad Habits that can kill your career as a Manager.

This month we’ll extend our discussion to the habits in your team.

That’s right, this month’s Masterclass is all about “The ‘A Team’ Formula – Breaking Bad Habits That Are Killing Results For Your Team” where Sandra;

  • Unlocks the shortcuts to get changes in behaviour
  • Shows you how to apply a 3-Step-Formula to help your team break their Bad Habits and get them on the path to ‘A-Team’ results
  • Gives you real, practical examples and case studies on how to use the change formula

Changing behavior can be on of the hardest things to achieve but its possible when you understand change and HOW to approach it in a way that works.