Breaking Bad Habits 2 - Teams

November 8, 2015

In our previous MasterClass Extract we discussed how to Break Bad Habits that can kill your career as a Manager.

This month we’ll extend our discussion to the habits in your team.

That’s right, this month’s Masterclass is all about “The ‘A Team’ Formula – Breaking Bad Habits That Are Killing Results For Your Team” where Sandra;

  • Unlocks the shortcuts to get changes in behaviour
  • Shows you how to apply a 3-Step-Formula to help your team break their Bad Habits and get them on the path to ‘A-Team’ results
  • Gives you real, practical examples and case studies on how to use the change formula

Changing behavior can be on of the hardest things to achieve but its possible when you understand change and HOW to approach it in a way that works.