The Habit Loop - Breaking Bad Habits Before They Kill Your Career!

November 8, 2015

Now I know our Star Wars fans might disagree :) , but did you know that BAD is stronger than GOOD?

You might do 99% of your role fabulously but your habits, your bad ones, can dilute your efforts and kill your career/reputation.

Have you ever worked with someone who had a bad habit that overrode their good efforts? I’m sure we have all encountered this. It’s easier for us to spot bad habits in others than in ourselves.

People have puzzled over habits for centuries, but it is only in the past 2 decades that scientists and psychologists have understood how habits work and more importantly, how they change.

In this Month’s Masterclass Extract I’ll teach you about the Habit Loop and how you can use it to eliminate your bad habits before they kill your career!”