Upgrade your Culture with Tribal Leadership

November 1, 2016
This is the second in our 3-part "Building a Great Place to Work" culture series.

In this MasterClass we are going to delve into the principles and “how to’s” of Tribal Leadership” and how to use them to upgrade your team culture. Everybody loves an upgrade, right?

A tribal leader is someone who:
  • is actively upgrading the culture in their tribe. 
  • knows that culture is what makes the different and figures out their tribe's current culture.
  • knows how to nudge their tribe from one stage to the next.
We all know that human beings naturally form tribes. What separates average tribes from those that excel, is their culture. Tribal culture exists in stages, going from “undermining” at the lower stages, to “egocentric” in the middle stages, to “history making” at the higher levels. Where is your “tribe” currently at? Let's find out!