The Habit Loop - Breaking Bad Habits Before They Kill Your Career!

November 8, 2015

Now I know our Star Wars fans might disagree :) , but did you know that BAD is stronger than GOOD?

You might do 99% of your role fabulously but your habits, your bad ones, can dilute your efforts and kill your career/reputation.

Have you ever worked with someone who had a bad habit that overrode their good efforts? I’m sure we have all encountered this. It’s easier for us to spot bad habits in others than in ourselves.

People have puzzled over habits for centuries, but it is only in the past 2 decades that scientists and psychologists have understood how habits work and more importantly, how they change.

In this Month’s Masterclass Extract I’ll teach you about the Habit Loop and how you can use it to eliminate your bad habits before they kill your career!”


Recognition: How to Increase Productivity in 60 seconds with these 3 Simple Steps

October 28, 2015

“Have you ever wished you knew a better way to motivate staff?

You’ve tried lots of different things but just cant seem to nail a sustainable system of motivation that creates an engaged, high performing workplace?

Then its time to get crafty with RECOGNITION!

This Month’s Masterclass is all about “How Great Managers use Recognition to Engage their People” where I will show you how to increase staff productivity in 60 seconds with these three simple steps!”

Want 15++ creative ways to Recognise your people? Join our MasterClass Community”


Emotional Tone: How your level of Positivity impacts your success!

September 2, 2015

Have you ever worked with a person who was always in a bad mood or negative?

What impact did that have on you? Can you describe the impact it had on the rest of your team…..and what about the impact it had on your results?

Emotions play a huge role in our daily lives and they are so infectious that it is CRITICAL that you understand the impact of Low “Emotional Tone” in your organisation and most importantly, what you can do about it!

This Month’s Great Managers® Masterclass Extract focuses on moving mood and emotion into a positive register – is it possible and if so, HOW do you increase the emotional tone of your team?


How to Deal with Defensiveness at Work | Great Managers® MasterClass

July 6, 2015

Sometimes the hardest thing about managing people, particularly in relation to performance conversations, is dealing with defensiveness – the other person’s and your own!

However, if you know how to identify defensiveness and handle it in an effective way before it sets in and takes over, your discussions can be focused on the future, on Solutions and Next steps, as opposed to being stuck in protectiveness, the past, and who’s to blame.

In this Great Managers® MasterClass, Leadership and People management expert, Sandra Wood explains;

  • How to recognize the different types of defensiveness (in yourself and others)
  • Understanding the causes of defensiveness and what is occurring when it sets in
  • Some powerful tips and strategies to deal with defensiveness in an effective way

Four Fabulous Tips To Build Your Inner Strength as a Leader | Great Managers® MasterClass

June 10, 2015

Inner strength is what you need to stay resilient and resourceful and to bounce back if you get
 knocked over.

  • How many times have you wished you had more inner strength, willpower or self-discipline 
  • How many times have you lacked the persistence and inner stamina to follow through on your goals and decisions? 
  • How often do you ‘cave in’ on yourself and not do what you know you should? 

Most people are not born with inner strength, but it can be developed like any other skill. 

It is inspiring
 to know that there are a number of things you can do to make yourself stronger. 

Want to get better results as a Manager?

 In this Great Managers® MasterClass excerpt, Leadership and People Management Expert, Sandra Wood give you Four Fabulous Tips to build the Inner Strength you need to succeed
 as a Leader

These tips will: 
  • Give you tangible things to practice to make you stronger 
  • Build your confidence as a leader 
  • Strengthen your achievement drive

Successful Networking….Even if you HATE Networking! | Great Managers® MasterClass

June 2, 2015

How to be successful at Networking - even if you really hate networking!

Do you LOVE Networking? Whether you love it or hate it, Sandra Wood from Great Managers® will give you some tips in this MasterClass excerpt that will make you more confident AND competent when you head to your next networking event!


How to Manage Different Generations at Work | Great Managers® MasterClass

February 4, 2015

How to Manage Different Generations at Work - Join Sandra Wood from Great Managers® as she explores the different needs, values and work styles of the different generations in the workplace and how you as a Manager can provide what they need so you get the best from each.


How to Build Emotional Intelligence in Teams | Great Managers® MasterClass

December 17, 2014

How to Build Emotional Intelligence in Teams - Join Sandra Wood from Great Managers® as she shares why Emotional Intelligence is a major factor in the levels of success we achieve individually and in teams.


How To Build Trust in Teams | Great Managers® MasterClass

September 24, 2014

How to Build Trust in Teams - Join Sandra Wood from Great Managers® as she shares the 5 Building-Blocks you need to Build Trust in Teams - A High Performing, Successful Team that trusts you AND each other - in an excerpt from The Great Managers® Academy MasterClass at


Making Change and Learning Stick | Great Managers® MasterClass

August 5, 2014

If you've ever had to manage change or learn something new, you may have experienced some discomfort going through that process. In today's Great Managers® MasterClass Sandra will cover; rediscovering your most successful learning style, why change can be hard and what to do about it, and keeping change and learning on track for successful outcomes